Perkins Law Offices is a full service law firm that offers its clients experience with Real Estate litigation matters and the brokering and negotiating of deals. The firm will handle Real Estate cases such as contract disputes, commercial leasing matters, property damage, homeowner and policyholder insurance claims and can guide its clientele through Real Estate transactions and disputes. Most recently, Perkins Law Offices successfully defended a commercial property dispute involving highly sought after parcels of land in the Design District owned by his client. After obtaining a dismissal with prejudice of the case in Miami-Dade Circuit Court, Perkins Law Offices negotiated terms for the sale of the property for $16 Million Dollars.

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From Lawsuit to $16 Million Property Deal: Perkins Law Offices negotiates lucrative sale of last two parcels of land in highly sought after Design District block with New York-based Thor Equities, despite legal roadblocks along the way.

Perkins Law Offices today announced the successful completion of a legal battle for the control and sale of a group of adjoining properties in Miami’s booming Design District. It began with the appointment of Perkins Law Offices to defend the estate of James H. Michael, a 92 year-old man who had owned the properties in the Design District since the 1950’s. Attorney Alexander J. Perkins, Esq. and founder of Perkins Law Offices, fought aggressively on behalf of the estate and its survivors to combat attacks from a former tenant claiming option rights on the properties for a fraction of their value. Alex Perkins was able to successfully get the fiercely contested case dismissed with prejudice in Miami-Dade Circuit Court and thereafter represented the family’s estate in selling the properties to New York-based real estate heavyweight investment firm, Thor Equities, for 16 million dollars.

“I am thrilled that we were able to secure a deal for the heirs that is just and worthy of their family patriarch’s long term vision and investment,” said Perkins. “Not only are they now rid of the former tenant’s repeated attempts to take advantage of Mr. Michael and his heirs, but we were able to negotiate a deal that will allow Mr. Michael’s last wishes to be realized for his family so that he may rest in peace.”

The adjacent properties, 56 Northeast 40th Street and 55 Northeast 39th Street, form 9,700 square feet of land and include frontage space on both 39th and 40th streets. Thor Equities had its sights set on purchasing the land as they assembled several neighboring lots for a luxury retail and mixed use project. Attorney Alex Perkins negotiated the terms with Thor who bested other bidders.

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