MIAMI, FL, USA, October 10, 2017 / — Perkins Law Offices today announced its representation of Marie Simboli, an 81-year-old former resident of the Rehabilitation Center of Hollywood Hills, a nursing home hired to care for approximately 150 elderly patients, 10 of which died under extreme heat conditions following power outages from Hurricane Irma.

Though Simboli managed to survive the stifling heat, she had complained that the heat was killing her. Attorney Alexander Perkins of Perkins Law Offices met her for the first time while she recovered in another facility.

There, she told him: “I complained that the heat was killing me. It was very hot, very hot and uncomfortable…I can’t believe they let people die there.”

As the facts and timeline of events become more clear, the descriptions and complaints made by many of the surviving patients and their family members refute both the nursing home’s and Florida Power & Light Company’s claims.

Perkins Law Offices has put the Rehabilitation Center of Hollywood Hills, LLC, as well as Larkin Community Hospital and other affiliated entities, on formal notice under Florida Statute Chapter 400 that a lawsuit has been filed against them (Case Number CACE17018178). Initial admission paperwork from the Rehabilitation Center of Hollywood Hills obtained by Perkins Law Offices states the facility is owned by Larkin Community Hospital.

“The Rehabilitation Center was nothing short of grossly negligent,” said Perkins. “Their conduct is indefensible, but they will still try to avoid the consequences. We will not let that happen and intend to take action against all of those responsible.”

Perkins Law Offices has a successful track record of representing elderly clients who have been victims of personal injury, wrongful death, civil theft and fraud.