In February 2015, Alex Perkins of Perkins Law Offices in Coral Gables, Florida went to trial at the Miami-Dade Circuit Court in downtown Miami on behalf of his client who was a pedestrian seriously injured by a Segway vehicle. The vehicle accident happened in 2012 when the injured pedestrian was walking on the sidewalk of Ocean Drive in Miami Beach, Florida ( South Beach). The force of the collision caused the client to be hospitalized for three months and to have three operations to her leg that was broken in two places. The tibia and fibula sustained displaced comminuted fractures that breached the skin requiring external fixation and skin graft. The defendant who crashed the Segway vehicle into pedestrian was from Italy and had no liability insurance to cover the vehicle accident. This made it hard for the pedestrian to find a Miami personal injury lawyer to take her case and represent her against this foreign and uninsured driver of the Segway vehicle. Other Miami personal injury lawyers and Miami personal injury law firms, turned down the case because it was not likely that they would be able to locate and sue the defendant who had provided an Italian drivers license and address to the police at the scene. Moreover, there was not likely to be any insurance money to pay for the defendant’s negligence which is what most Miami personal injury lawyers will require in order to proceed with a contingency fee personal injury case like this. With no definite source of money to pursue, most lawyers will not accept the injury case.

However, Alex Perkins of Perkins Law Offices met with the injured pedestrian at her Miami Beach condo and felt that the defendant driver should have to answer for his negligence that caused life altering injuries to the innocent injured pedestrian who did nothing wrong. Miami personal injury lawyer Alex Perkins conducted his own investigation with his private investigator and it was determined that the Italian national who was driving the vehicle that caused the crash and personal injuries actually owned a luxury condominium on Miami Beach. Alex Perkins located the defendant and Italy and served him with the lawsuit.

The defendant hired his own personal injury defense lawyers and defended the case. He blamed everything and everybody else including the injured pedestrian for causing the accident. At trial the defendant lied about how the accident occurred. Miami personal injury lawyer Alex Perkins cross examined the defendant and had many witnesses testify such as the police officer, the owner of the Segway rental store, and the main treating orthopedic surgeon. Thanks to the trial skills and steadfast hard work of Miami personal injury lawyer Alex Perkins, the jury returned a verdict in favor of the plaintiff for several hundred thousand dollars.